Michael helps build Atlas species list


One of our great contributors to the Atlas has added yet another species that was previously unrecorded in this area. Here is what Michael McMaster told us,


Hi Libby and Liz,
This a picture of the worms I have found on the pumice which I have just got identified by one of the groups on facebook. It is Amphinome rostrata. I have entered it on the ALCW but sadly it is not listed. When doing a Google check to verify identification I found it listed on the ALA site with 31 listings. One of the listings was of one that I had found at the mouth of the Merrica River in Nadgi back in June 2013. I had sent it off to Pat and she must have passed it onto Anna Murray who identified it and then entered it onto the ALA site. Feeling very chuffed at the moment.
Now that I have the name of the worm I will put together a piece for the Atlas and Marine Society on the pumice and all the life I have found on it.

Keep an eye on the site for further information about the continuing saga of "Life on the Pumice"

Photo Michael McMaster

Amphinome rosrata marine worm found on floating pumice Nadgee 2013