Atlas of LifE: Coastal wilderness

2018 Top Pics

NatureMapr photo gallery & competition


TOP PICS celebrates the wonderful array of images recorded as NatureMapr sightings across our region. From birds to bugs, fish to slugs, flowers to fungi ... we recognise the beauty, wonder, and the scientific value of the images recorded.


The top pics photo gallery

From among your NatureMapr sightings for 2018, choose your favourite images and we'll include them in this year's Top Pics Gallery. The Gallery will be showcased on the Atlas of Life website. 


Pick of the Pics - The photo competition

The 'Pick of the Pics' will be selected from the Top Pics Photo Gallery.

This year the Photo Competition has a taken a slight 'shift in focus' from previous years. While still recognising photographic excellence, the competition also rewards discovery and careful observation

We are looking for images which capture the 'nature' of nature. For example: the growth of a fungus; the structure of a flower; the behaviour of an animal; the adaptations of a species to its environment. 

Images will be judged in each of the following categories. Overall winning entries will then be selected from among the category award winners.

Categories of organisms

  • Plants
  • Fungi
  • Algae, sponges, etc (i.e. marine organisms not covered by other categories)
  • Insects, spiders, and related species
  • Crustaceans and Molluscs (e.g. crabs, barnacles slugs, octopus, & snails)
  • Fish, frogs, and reptiles
  • Birds
  • Mammals, including marine mammals

Special categories:

  • Entrant aged under 12 years
  • Entrant aged 13 to 17 years



Eligible images must have been:

  • taken between 1 November 2017 and 31 Oct 2018; and
  • recorded in the Atlas of Life: Coastal Wilderness NatureMapr database (no later than 31 Oct 2018).

The image may show the organism itself, its remains (such as a sea shell), or evidence (such as a snake skin or feeding traces).

Entrants may:

  • nominate up to 3 images per category, and up to 10 images in total; and
  • may be residents or visitors to the area.

Everyone who has contributed sightings to the Atlas of Life NatureMapr database is eligible*.


Criteria for judging

The judges are all keen nature photographers, and contributors to the Atlas of Life. They will be judging images against the following criteria:

  • Interest and appeal: is the image visually interesting and 'eye-catching'? 
  • Information: what does the image, and the NatureMapr record, tell us about the species involved? 
  • Clarity & technical accuracy: how well does the image capture detail? 

Exhibition and prizes

The TOP PICS GALLERY will be showcased on the Atlas of Life website, and exhibited widely at across the region.

Winners of the PICK OF THE PICS Photocompetition will be announced in late November at a celebratory exhibition (details to be announced). 

And again this year there will be great prizes of offer (details coming soon)

* Note: the judges of the Photo Competition may contribute images to the Top Pics Gallery, but these will not be considered in Pick of the Pics Photo Competition.