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Top Pics celebrates the wonderful array of images recorded as NatureMapr sightings across our region. 

From birds to bugs, fish to slugs, flowers to fungi ... we recognise the beauty, wonder, and the scientific value of the many images recorded. Top Pics is a chance to highlight your favourites, and have them showcased on the Atlas of Life website for everyone to share and enjoy.


TOP Pics is for everyone - and it's simple

Simply tell us which of your NatureMapr sightings are your favourites, and why.

Everyone's Top Pics will be included in the Gallery - the more, the better!  It's not a competition. There is no judging. This is simply an opportunity to celebrate and share.

List up to five of your sightings - your Top Pics - using the form below.  It's that easy! And you can update your Top Pics whenever you like, by submitting a new form.

Please complete the form below - and we'll do the rest.

Name *
For each sighting: 1. Provide the unique sighting number (see below - 'How to Identify Your Top Pics') 2. Also, tell us why this is one of your favourites (optional)


Each NatureMapr sighting is automatically given a unique record number. Here is how to find that number - you'll need it in order to complete the form.

Step 1: Log in to NatureMapr, go to 'My Profile', and look through your recorded sightings.

Note: it is easiest to do this on a computer, using a web browser. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 3.55.51 pm.jpg

Step 2: click on your chosen sighting


Step 3: click in the web address bar to find the unique sighting number. This is the number you need to add to your Top Pics form.

in this example, the number is 3398098


Step 4: now simply copy-paste or type this number into the form above. 

Need help?

If you get stuck, just contact us - we're here to help.