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'Fungi' Field Day: Box Cutting Rainforest Walk

  • Box Cutting Rainforest Walk (map)

This small patch of rainforest is truly a fungi hot spot. Fungi play a vital role in the ecosystem of the rainforest, yet for much of the year they remain hidden from sight. But this changes in Autumn, as many species suddenly make their presence known. Mushrooms of various kinds, and the extraordinarily beautiful, incredibly tiny, myxomycetes (‘slime moulds’).

The casual observer would probably overlook most of the fungi on show.

We are very lucky to have Teresa and John to guide us. They are experienced amateur mycologists with a deep knowledge of this patch of forest, developed over many years of careful observation and study. They will explain the range of fungi - and slime moulds - growing among the leaf litter and fallen logs of the forest floor.

Please join us at 10am in the carpark for the Box Cutting Rainforest Walk (at Kianga, between Narooma and Dalmeny … click here for map details)

Please wear closed shoes and long pants, and bring a backpack lunch. An LED torch may also be useful – some of the tiny fungi in dark crevices are among the most beautiful.

Wondering what all the fuss is about ‘slime mould’? Take a look at these! Tiny, briefly ‘fruiting’, but fantastic: click here to see species list on NatureMapr