Winter Holiday


by Liz Allen

Double Banded Plover    Charadrius bicinctus

We're all here on a Winter Holiday,

No more worries for a month or two........ [apologies to  Cliff Richard ].

These little Double Banded Plovers come to our South Eastern Shores for Winter from New Zealand and seem to spend their time basking in the sun on our beaches in footprints & next to beach debris. As well as the beach they gather in tidal flats & estuaries like Merimbula Lake & Bithry Inlet. 

They breed inland & coastally on both North & South Islands. They can be seen here from mid February to late August when they colour up into breeding plumage to head back to NZ. 

There's a small group visiting at Fishpen spit in Merimbula at the moment.

Let us know if you have seen some anywhere else.

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