Have you seen the short film 'Maratus'?

If you’re flying with Virgin Airlines this month, the 30 minute film Maratus is part of the inflight entertainment.

But for the price of a take-away latte, you can watch it without leaving the ground!
In addition, Stuart has offered signed DVD copies for just $15 (including postage within Australia).

This extraordinary documentary describes Stuart Harris’s journey in discovering a new species of Peacock Spider, now named in his honour: Maratus harrisi

We are proud to claim Stuart as one of our own. He’s been involved with the Atlas of Life for many years, and regularly assists in surveys and with species identification. In fact, he was here last weekend for Wings of Spring.

So if you’ve not seen it before … or even if you have … take a seat, take 30 mins, and enjoy Maratus

Watch the short preview below (the trailer from the Vimeo site)