Coming soon .... 'Target of the Month'

Commencing in May 2018, we are launching an exciting new program.
The aim of the TARGET OF THE MONTH Program is to build community appreciation of the natural environment through increased knowledge of biodiversity and ecology. 

In particular, the program seeks:
- to raise awareness of the Atlas of Life as a hub for sharing and building knowledge,
- to support people in developing their observation skills and awareness of species diversity, and
- to encourage interest and participation from everyone, regardless of experience, expertise or level of technical skill.

We are involving a range of land managers, research organisations and governments in preparing our Target list. This will ensure that the data collected has widespread and lasting benefit. This is Citizen Science in action!

Targets will include plants, insects, marine animals, birds and mammals. Various habitats and ecosystems will be included, and the Calendar will sometimes include more than one Target in a given month. 

Follow the development of the list by clicking on Target Program in the menu ... or just click here.