Volunteers needed for Atlas stand: Wed 20th Feb!

We have been invited by BVSC Libraries to take a stand at the Seniors’ festival on Wed 20th Feb at the Civic Centre.

There will be many representatives of different organisations there to encourage seniors to get involved in something active.

Our Atlas of Life is a great project for all to get out into the environment and get involved in a valuable community project.

We will have the amazing Microeye microscope and our banners and Posters and information and we are looking for volunteers to help man the stand and talk to visitors about what we are doing.

You can chat about the project generally, or your own particular passion. The day goes from 8:30am - 5:30, so please suggest which hours you would like to help over the day. 

Please write to Libby at libby@atlasoflife.org.au 

This should be fun!