SIGNS OF WILDLIFE: donate your treasures for a good cause

Have you ever collected signs of wildlife while exploring our region?
A colourful feather? A strange shell? A mysterious bone? Chewed seed pods? A fallen nest? A weirdly shaped scat?

If so, you can contribute your find to a new, local resource being developed by the Bega Valley Shire Council.

The SIGNS OF WILDLIFE KIT will be used in a range of environmental education programs. It will open up discussions and stories about nature and promote awareness and understanding of our natural world.


What to collect and donate

The object itself, or a photo
Any tactile evidence of wildlife is most welcome. Where collection is not possible - for example, scratch marks on a tree - photographs would be great. Here are a few examples, just to get you thinking …

  • Shells, insect ‘cases’, shed skins

  • Fallen nests or hives

  • Feathers / Fur / Bones / Teeth (clean ones only please)

  • Feed signs – chewed seed pods, or photos of chew marks

  • Photos of burrows, hollows, nests, hives, scratch or chew marks, animal tracks

  • Pellets or photos of scats


The story

Natalie and her team would also love to know more about your donation. Where you found it, when, what it is (if you know), and if there’s a personal story of discovery behind it. You could leave a note with the object and, ideally, contact details in case Natalie has any further questions.

Where to donate, and when

Simply drop your treasure and story off at your nearest BVSC Library.

Natalie launched the collection during August 2019 at the Bega River BioBlitz … but that is just the beginning. The program is ongoing and Natalie is seeking donations now and into the future. Who knows what will turn up next??

The SIGNS OF WILDLIFE KIT will be a resource used by many people, for many years.


Contact Natalie

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Ryan (Environmental Education Officer), 02 6499 2222