Information & training session: 19 Feb, 2019


Gallery Function Room,

Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre,
Bridge Road,


For all community members interested in helping to build our knowledge of the natural environment in our area.

This meeting will provide:

  • new users with an opportunity to learn the basics, and

  • experienced contributors and moderators a chance to discuss their experiences in using the Atlas, including suggestions for improvement. 

And we will provide morning tea!

If you have any questions, please email

Looking forward to meeting up.

The Atlas of Life: Budawang Coast team

More about us

The Atlas of Life Budawang Coast, covering Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla, has established a database of biodiversity for our region.  We are keen to encourage interested community members to get involved – as contributors and/or moderators – to grow our knowledge of our local environment.

The Atlas is driven by the curiosity of people of all ages.  It encourages people to spend time in nature and record sightings of specimens of interest.  A team of expert moderators identify or verify sightings of locally occurring wildlife and these are then uploaded to the national database, Atlas of Living Australia.  Together we are building a record of important biodiversity that will allow us to learn more about our environment and also to assess changes over time.  This project is an important citizen science initiative which was recently recognised nationally by the Banksia Foundation, as the fastest growing biodiversity initiative in Australia.

How does it work?

Sightings of species are recorded either from camera shots uploaded on your computer or via the Naturemapr app and your tablet or smartphone. You can record photos or sound recordings of anything of interest…..plants, animals, birds, bugs, fungi, reptiles, the marine and freshwater environments, spiders, worms, fossils, tree hollows….

The Atlas also allows people to register sightings of weeds and feral animals and through doing this informs local natural resource managers in the management of these. 

We encourage you to register and contribute to the Atlas.  If you are passionate about local wildlife – please join us and contribute your knowledge to inform others.  

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Budawang CoastFiona Stewart