Beach Weeds

Help us care for the beach environment

Step 1: take photos of any weed on the beach

Step 2: report it using our NatureMapr database

The Big Four beach weeds

With your help, we can stop the spread of these 'nasties'

other beach weeds

If any of these are appearing on your beach, report them too! 

Not every flower on the beach is a weed!

There are native species too ... and some look rather similar to the weed species. 

Senecio species are particularly tricky. Here are two native 'yellow daisies' (Senecio spathulatus and Senecio pinnatifolias) that might be mistaken for the weed species 'Fireweed' (Senecio madagascariensis).

Only remove a beach weed if:

a. you are 100% sure it's a weed;

b. you bag and remove any seed heads from the beach;

c. if it's Sea Spurge, you take care (the sap can be toxic);

AND only if you want to. 

Otherwise, simply take a photo and report it on NatureMapr.