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Beach Cleanup

Information provided by Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre

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 ‘Taking Out the Trash’ 

With Earth Bottles and Fair Food Forager

Miniscule quantities remaining of once vast forests. Exposed dry beds of no-longer mighty rivers. Oceans unidentifiable as land or sea, so laden with the choking rubbish of a world disconnected from the hand that feeds. These are the powerful realities driving Ash Grunwald to a new kind of tour in 2019. With a fire for change in heart and a desire for cleaner oceans in mind, Ash is ganging up with global-warrior Danni Carr, Founder of Earth Bottles along with sustainability-champion Paul Hellier, Creator of Fair Food Forager, collaborating with communities to reclaim the health of their own backyards. 

In each town, Ash Grunwald will be hitting the stage of a local venue to unleash a booming, dynamic array of songs from his vast, decade-long catalogue, followed the next day by a clean-up & collate operation spearheaded by Danni, Paul and all motivated, excited, earth-loving individuals. 

Focusing on the ‘life blood’ of regional areas – oceans and waterways – Ash, Danni and Paul are putting the call out to all community members to join them on a pick-it-up project to see ‘what is your waste?’ Focusing on the clean up of water systems which often bear the brunt of poorly disposed-of non-biodegradables, the team are looking at a four-fold result: burden-reduction on sensitive ecological areas, the reclamation of natural areas as places of importance in a town’s story, the opportunity for each town to see what waste is their major concern, from what predominant sources and at the heart of it all, have a great time doing it.

This is your opportunity to shoulder up alongside Ash Grunwald, Earth Bottles, Fair Food Forager as well as your own like-minded community legends to collaborate, clean up, collate and celebrate. To hold up the banner of action in your town declaring that the time of waiting – and of wasting - is over. Change is here NOW.

Ash gig 5th of April - Sapphire club, Merimbula

Clean up & Collate: April 6th, 9:00 – 10:30am, Merimbula 

Ash gig June 14 - Milton Theatre

Clean up & Collate: June 15th 9:00 – 10:30am Mollymook Beach.  

For interviews with Ash Grunwald or Danni Carr contact: danni@earthbottles.com.au

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