May - June 2019: Plants in Flower


Spring is the season typically associated with flowers, but many plants flower in the cooler months. Plants often respond to day length, yet rainfall and climactic conditions also play a role.

So take a walk, take your camera, and record the native plants flowering in your area this May and June.

Take photos from a various angles, and be sure to include shots of the leaves as well. When it comes to plant identification, the more information the better!

Orchids too may flower in early Winter.

Getting to know your flowers

Remember to use the species lists on the NatureMapr database to help identify your flowers. They provide an excellent guide to the plants in our region. These lists include: orchids; pea flowers; wattles; daisies; climbers & mistletoes; lilies & irises; and other wildflowers.

Upload your sightings

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Kerri-Lee Harris