July Field Day: Goodenia Rainforest

7th July, 2019


A perfect day for a wander in the forest. Rain a few days earlier, beautiful sunny sky, experienced botanists and mycologists sharing their knowledge. This mid-Winter event drew quite a crowd - 36 people in total, including the National Parks Association folk whom we welcomed along for the day.

The best way to review the species lists for the day is to take a tour of the NatureMapr records. Simply click on the link below to see the full list of species for the Goodenia Rainforest Walk.

NatureMapr Tips

The Atlas of Life NatureMapr database is a powerful tool for collecting, sorting, and viewing biodiversity information for our region. Here are just 3 ways you can explore the database. Give it a try!

1: View sightings from any of our Atlas Nats Fields days


You can browse the photos or view even more sightings from that location, as a list.

step 3.jpg

2. View the full details of any sighting

By clicking on any sighting you can see full details, often with additional photos and comments.

NM lilly pilly.jpg

3: View a species recorded distribution

Want to know where else that species has been recorded? It’s easy!


So take a moment to explore the NatureMapr database. It includes a wealth of information and will continue to grow. (click to learn more about how to add a sighting)

Kerri-Lee Harris