by Kerri-Lee Harris

Waterbugs is a general name for invertebrates found in fresh water. Only a few are actually bugs. Indeed, many are not even insects.

Creeks, ponds, dams and freshwater lagoons are home to a vast array of animals. There are insects, of course, but there are other arthropods too. Crustaceans and arachnids are important components of the ecosystem. And then there are the non-arthropods. Molluscs, annelids, nematodes and more.

Here’s a glimpse. All are local, and all photos were taken this month.

The photos above were all taken in Wonboyn, in late August, by Paul Whitington & Kerri-Lee Harris. Read the full story on their Life in a Southern Forest website:

The National Waterbug Blitz kicked off again this month. Why not carry out your own survey? Sample your local creek, river or farm dam. There are excellent resources available. Your sightings will be checked by experts. And your data will contribute to a nationwide program of aquatic ecosystem health monitoring.

Oh, and it’s a lot of fun too!

For more information, visit the National Waterbug Blitz website.