Blue Tide Creatures


On Our trip to Lennards , we found Porpita in a pool & a few days later I found a few more creatures of a Blue tide . p1050221 Porpita float dark side up so as to blend with the ocean from winged predators & pale side down so as to be camouflaged from predators underneath. dscf2213Velella velella or 'by the wind sailor

Glaucus atlanticus  [ sea lizard]  & Janthina janthina  [Violet Snail ] also float on the surface [makes its own float as it doesn't have a sail ] & are predators of the Physalia  [Bluebottles ] which are the most commonly sighted members of a Blue tide.

If anyone has a reasonable picture of a Blue Dragon I would like to include it .They are found on the rock faces underwater ,they also steal functional components from other organisms.dscf2017 img_9480

Creatures of a Blue Tide