Tiger Quoll caught in the act


Along the Upper Brogo Road there is a secluded homestead. The owners were away and Volker, a neighbour, was keeping an eye on the property. Imagine his horror when he arrived to see mayhem happening in the chicken coop. Amazingly he had his camera with him and managed to get these images of one of our top predators - the Tiger or Spotted-tail Quoll Dasyrus maculatus .

This was a large animal - apparently the chickens were large too. They can be up to 750cm head and body length and up to 550cm tail length, which is a substantial animal. Apparently they have been heard in the locality and ducks have been taken from other homesteads although apparently the guinea fowl are too agile to be caught. There is a sound recording and other information and images on Youtube.

A great shame for the chickens, but a great chance to observe a rare animal in our region. Thanks for sharing Volker.

Spotted-tail quoll and a dead chicken

Close -up of a Spotted-tail Quoll June 22nd 2015  Photo Volka