Whale soup + more from Greencape


We just had to share a few sightings from Greencape this week when we were lucky enough to have a couple of days there. What an amazing place for wildlife sightings,particularly whales ,some close by and plenty of big splashes on camera to help us count !Here are a wildlife sightings ,not quick enough with the camera for the 2 lyrebirds running to & fro across the track . On Thursday September 25th we woke to see thousands upon thousands of shearwaters flying south as far out to the horizon as we could see. They were still passing after an hour when we had to leave. The lighthouse keeper said there had been a few sighted a couple of weeks ago, but these this week were the first big flocks. We don't know if they are earlier than usual? Swift footed Crab Leptograpsus variegatus

Furseals relaxing

Echidna  foraging

Bull Kelp holding fast

Yellow Faced honeyeater also whale watching

Jacky Dragon