2016 BioBlitz at Four Winds near Bermagui


This year's BioBlitz will be at and around the Four Winds site near Bermagui November Friday 11th and Saturday 12th and it will be exciting and different with arts and music as well as all the varied biodiversity surveys. BioBlitz waterbug survey

This year we are partnering with Four Winds to help them gather information to develop plans for their Arboretum.

Four Winds are creating an Arboretum on their site so they need good baseline data about what biodiversity is there now and what lives in surrounding habitats, so they can track how the ecological communities develop as the trees and shrubs of the arboretum become established.

Put the dates in your diary and let us know if you would like to lead a survey or volunteer as a survey leader's assistant or help us as a volunteer at Basecamp or with data input.

Elisabeth Larsen helps participants ID small mammals

Contact Libby Hepburn: 0458 798 990 for more information.