Well done sea slug surveyors!

Thank-you to everyone who searched the shoreline for sea slugs during the Census period 

Although the survey period is over, there is plenty of time to upload your sightings data to NatureMapr. We will prepare a full report soon, once all the results are in.

More information on uploading your Census sightings

And the diversity of sightings is impressive ... we have recorded species from each of the target families. In the SEA SLUG CENSUS 2018 GALLERY you can view by family group, or view the whole collection.

Of course, we encourage you to record your sightings any time of year. Whether wonderful or weird, beautiful or bizarre, all sightings are welcome additions to the Atlas of Life NatureMapr records. They each help in building a picture of the biodiversity of this region.

(And we all enjoy seeing the photos, of course!)

Here are some of the sea slugs reported during the Census ...

Libby Hepburn