Canberra Nature Map and successful citizen science


We invite you hear about a real success story of community engagement of fun, learning and scientific achievements - NatureMapr and Canberra Nature Map and now the Atlas of Life is linked too. Dr Michael Mulvaney, ACT government senior conservation officer has many stories to tell about how and why the biodiversity recording tool - Canberra Nature Map was developed and how it is being used by community, scientists and government agencies.

The Canberra Nature Map hub is now being used daily, not just by the community, but also by government officials, environmental consultants and industry when making development, planning and land management decisions. It has already led to the identification of new species and doubled the number of known rare or threatened species locations. The site has become the authoritative sources of wildlife information across the ACT. The website receives in excess of 500,000 visits a year, with visitation rate almost doubling each year. In time, contributing citizens progress from being novices to naturalists and finally experts assisting in the confirmation of new records and helping educate others. Existing experts range from a 16 year old school kid to retired internationally recognised taxonomic experts. The engagement of community members in a shared task of survey and data collection has social and health benefits, providing an enjoyable means of connection both to other people and to the environment around them. You are invited to join us at the Local Land Services offices in Bega, rooftop carpark Sapphire Market at 10:00am - 12:00 Wednesday March 8th. Places are limited so please RSVP

Dr Michael Mulvaney, with a green comb spider orchid in Aranda Bushlands. Photo: Elesa Kurtz