This week - enjoy a half-day sail on a tall ship as part of a marine survey

East Coast Odyssey -Wildiaries are offering a chance to take part in a special survey. See: Now it's possible to book for a half day sail $179 from Eden from Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 1st September. At the moment there are whales and bait balls around, so you could have a spectacular sail. 8:00am to 12pm.

Or you could sign up for a longer cruise. see the website above for details.


People with a sense of adventure and a passion for preventing our oceans from becoming a ‘plastic soup’ are wanted to join a unique expedition.

The nature tourism, scientific research and conservation project, East Coast Odyssey, will be the first expedition of its kind to tackle insidious micro-plastics in Australian waters.

A passionate scientist, a tall ship sailor, two new generation garbologists, a beautiful 22m ketch, and a mission, a very important one, will launch in August.

Captain David Nash, one of the project founders, said the East Coast Odyssey was an historic opportunity to take a low-impact holiday, feel the amazing sensation of a wooden ship under sail at sea and contribute to vital research.


The mission, under the supervision of Monash University’s Jennifer Lavers is to collect data on the millions of multi-coloured plastic remnants killing marine wildlife at an alarming rate off Australia’s spectacular east coast.